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My Plans

In the winter of 2019, I held a map of Israel and started marking a trail. I used some existing long-distance trails such as the Golan Trail, the INT (Israel National Trail), the Jerusalem trail, and more together with unmarked trails and paths. I created my own route when I chose one way over the other. It took me several days to finish marking that course, but then I was done – It was ready.
I started telling friends that I want to go and hike it. Later I told them I think I'll do that next winter.

I remember the first time I said to a friend that it's happening – Not "maybe", not "if", not "thinking about it" – "It's Happening, and you can join me if you want."

In the winter of 2020, at the beginning of January, I walked for about 2,000 km from the Golan and Mt Hermon in the north till Eilat and the red sea on the south end of Israel – Almost twice than the INT, Almost four times the length of Israel. It took some time (3 months). I had some Zero days because of the weather. It wasn't easy. It was cold. And it was warm. There were snow and hail, and also heat waves. And also pandemic. But it was amazing!

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