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How Can You Participate

​In the winter of 2020, I Thru-Hiked along Israel and shared my experiences through social media.

I called out to everyone and invited people to join me on the hike, or to ask me to their home for a hot shower, a warm meal and a dry bed - You won't believe how many people had opened their hearts and doors for me!

People I never met before - Israelies and foreigners; Jews, Christians, and Muslims; youngs and olds; individuals and groups; hikers and... far from hikers - hosted me at their home, their work, their bonfire or their research expedition...


You can learn more about my thru-hike by following me on social media and watch the videos of the journey – YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and this site.

And I invite you to be part of my next experiences!


"If you still don't know what your dream is - Go to sleep" (Yair Kadman)

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