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Why I Chose to Do That

For you to see and for me to find out

Back in 2011, when I hiked the Israel National Trail, I knew I would return to hike this trail again.
During my bachelor's degree, I decided that the first thing after finishing school, I'm going back on the trail!                   But something changed. I decided to continue straight with the master's degree.
But then, nature has already called me out loud, pulled me physically. The thorns began to stab. The chair started to burn. And while stalling the process of writing my M.A. thesis, I looked at a map and started marking a trail that I would like to hike one day – I started with the Golan Trail, continued straight to the Israel National Trail, then other trails and other places I want to reach…
And then I finished, and I just knew – A year from now, I'm going to hike that trail!

And so I did...

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